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Personnel policy.

The company is interested in involvement of the highly skilled purposeful employees, able to work in team, to solve new, including non-standard tasks and to be ready to improve skills . The particular interest for the company is involvement of the young specialists who have successfully graduated industry-specific higher education institute.

The main strategic resource of the company is the personnel structure. In this regard the Company are going to use rationally human resources and to find the best way to combine interests of the employer and the employees.

Acting as the responsible employer and working according to norms of social policy of the Russian Federation, the Company cares of working conditions and social wellbeing of the workers, has individual attention to to each employee and provides such work which would help completely realize his potential.

Aims of the Perssonal policy of the company are:
• creation comfortable working conditions and the favorable atmosphere in collective;
• improvement of the quality of life of all workers;
• effective motivation of the personnel;
• creation conditions for career development in the Company;
• attraction and retention of the highly skilled personnel;
• development of corporate culture;
• formation of positive image of the company.

The main directions of personnel policy of the Company are:
• improvement of system of employee retention and  recruitment to provide workplaces with most qualified personnel, personnel optimization and stabilization;
• continuous training and personnel development by means of various techniques of professional development and an exchange of experience between employees of different generations; improvement of professional competences of employees, creation of tools and stimulation mechanisms to continuous professional development;
• development of motivational mechanisms to increase interest and satisfaction with work; development and deployment of social programs, aspiration to high social security of employees;
• attraction and support of young specialists.

In our company we have creative, friendly and responsible collective where professionalism and integrity is welcomed. We are trying to pull together all divisions of the company in team where are highly appreciated competence, responsibility and readiness for devotion.

Our organization is extremely interested in involvement of talented and professional people who have desire and abilities to show outstanding results of work and to help the company with implementation of the strategic plans.

Worthy working conditions – the enterprise key to success.

Our enterprise has good traditions of personnel development, conditions for professional and personal growth.

Human resources development provide the enterprise with heads, professionals, experts, employees and working demanded professions, specialties and qualifications according to their business qualities, level and profile of the received vocational training.

Much attention is paid to the career development of well proved young specialists. For students of educational institutions opportunity of passing of all types of work practice is given.

Students successfully pass training under the leadership of skilled instructors, acquiring necessary knowledge and skills.

We are interested both in skilled and in perspective, only beginning the professional and career way, young specialists.
If you want to achieve success, work in our company will open you new prospects.