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Energy audit

JSC "SPA "Sibelektroshield" is the member of Power power auditors of Siberia Non-profit partnership and offers the Customers of service in inspection of power objects for the purpose of definition of a condition of their equipment and designs, and as for the subsequent development of actions for decrease in expenses for fuel and energy resources.

Inspection is one of objective preconditions of optimization of expenses on object maintenance in an efficient condition and on ensuring operational reliability of work of installations, systems and devices, and also means of increase of validity of decisions at definition of terms and amounts of works on reconstruction or modernization.

The standard program of the inspection developed by specialists of JSC "SPA "Sibelektroshield" based on saved up experience in area of design, construction, reconstruction and modernization of substations, it is provided:

● Collecting basic data about concrete object on the basis of project documentation, operational schemes, acts of investigations of failures causes and violations in work of the equipment, reports on measurements of loadings etc.
● Analysis of basic data and drawing up the working program of inspection of object, definition of requirement for special cure and equipment.
● Development of actions for safety measures.
● Performance of inspection of concrete types of the equipment, devices and systems, and also construction part, drawing up expert opinions on a condition of the equipment.
● Preparation of report on the basis of results of inspection, development of actions for increase of reliability and profitability of work, development of recommendations about reconstruction or modernization.

In case of need, specialists of leading scientific centers are involved in participation in inspections with the corresponding diagnostic equipment.

Predesigns of cost are applied to the report with results of inspection design and installation and construction works on reconstruction or substation modernization.