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Construction and installation work

Works are performed on the basis of the certificate on the admission to works which have impact on safety of objects of capital construction No. 0046.06-2010-5501087918-C-049.


Experience and possession of technology of installation and construction works allow specialists of JSC "SPA "Sibelektroshield" to carry out fast, high-quality construction and further input of objects in operation. At each stage of works of JSC "SPA "Sibelektroshield" provides observance of all bases of safety and technology of electric installation work.

In the company the production base is developed, when working the certified materials and the equipment are used only.
Upon termination of works executive technical documentation for object delivery to supervisory authorities is formed. The guarantee for the performed works makes not less than 24 months.

Types of installation and construction works:
● Construction/reconstruction of PS of 110/35/10 kV;
● Construction of air-lines to 330 kV;
● Construction of cable lines to 220 kV;
● construction/reconstruction/modernization of electric networks of the industrial enterprises and objects of construction engineering appointment;
● Electric equipment supervising installation, consulting services and training of the personnel of the customer;
● Objects commissioning.