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Planning and surveying work

JSC "SPA "Sibelektroshield" offers services in engeneering of new construction, reconstruction, expansion, modernization, and also to technical audit both the whole power complexes, and local power objects.

Project works are performed on the basis of the admission of the self-regulating organization SRO-NP-SPAS-P-5501087918-0137-3.



Types of works on engeneering:
● Technical audit of existing power objects for determination of expediency and volume of work of reconstruction;
● Collecting basic data for design (all types of researches, development and coordination of specifications on connection to networks and so forth);
● Development of project and working documentation on capital construction, reconstruction of power, electronetwork objects of a class of tension 0,4; 6(10); 35; 110; 220 kV;
● Preparation of budget documentation on under construction and reconstructed power objects;
● Calculation of feasibility studies on investments under construction.

JSC "SPA "Sibelektroshield" provides:
● Development of specifications, project and working documentation of modernization and reconstruction of existing and new power objects;
● Consultations, rendering scientific and technical support at design of systems of power supply and automation;
● Coordination of projects in all bodies and works on them at all stages;
● Architectural supervision.

JSC "SPA "Sibelektroshield" carries out design of engineering networks.
Specialists of JSC "SPA "Sibelektroshield" will execute complex design of engineering systems for industrial facilities and objects of construction engineering appointment:
● Heating
● Water supply
● Gas supply
● Ventilation
● Conditioning
● Power supply
● Telecommunication
● Master plan
● Environmental protection
● Safety System:
   • security and fire alarm system;
   • video surveillance system;
   • access monitoring system;
   • system of protection of perimeter;
   • system of the emergency and technical alarm system.

Main design stages of engineering systems:
Process of design of engineering systems by our company includes four main stages:
● Development of the outline sketch of engineering systems and the feasibility study (FS) on creation of engineering system consisting of the specification (S) and the offer (O).
● Development of assembly diagrams of engineering system.
● Development of all sections of project documentation on engineering systems.
● Engineering design is carried out according to GOST and Construction Norms and Regulations of the Russian Federation, and as according to GOST and Construction Norms and Regulations of CIS countries and foreign countries.

All complex of project works is carried out by own design engeneering department.
Project works are carried out by the trained and certified technical personnel with a long-term experience and experience of the organization and control of performance of land and land use planning works, and also design of construction part of objects, systems of RZIA, telemechanics, communication.